About JiTrace System

How Jitrace System can assist you

How Jitrace System can assist you

For business

An anti-counterfeit system
Jitrace is designed primarily for anti-counterfeiting applications.
If your products have the risks of being counterfeited, then this is the ultimate solution for you to eliminate fraud products from the market. It provides a "bullet proof" mechanism for consumers to distinguish the genuine products from fake ones using phones.

A tracing system
Jitrace system offers protection on critical or unique products by tracing their geographic origin or manufacturer identities.
The manufacturer/producer allocates Jitrace tracking QR codes on each (package) of the product.
The manufacturer's identity is protected by Jitrace blockchain, and the specific tracking code can only be issued by the certified manufacturer.
Jitrace protects the entire distribution netwroks to prevent fake products from entering the network, and hence make copying the tracking coce useless.

Intellectual property protection
IPs such as art craft, online books/publications, etc., can be protected and distributed to the rightful customers using Jitrace.
Artist assigns unique Jitrace QR code to each art product, add the unique information/data for the record, and hence make it distinguishable from any other crafts.
Authors of online distributed contents use Jitrace system to allocate each customer their rights to view the e-book or online publications.
Jitrace system provides access control, and protects the IP from abusing by consumers.

Inventory or assets management system
All items under management are assigned with their individual tracing QR codes.
Anyone who handles the item must scan the code so that updated tracking record is added to the system. The user's identity, GPS location, time, and additional data (such as photos, applications of the items, etc.) are stored in Jitrace system.
With such information, the current status of the item and the person who is responsible are continuously recorded and traced.

Jitrace can be used by multiple parties on one project
Jitrace offers the ability to add in information from different users at different locations on one same thread.
It is a great tool to coordinate work from a number of people, remotely, especially when geographic locations and time are important factors.
Each participant can be granted with different rights, and their inputs can not be altered by other people.
Also all records are stamped with GPS and time stamps. This ensures that those records are added at required location at required time.

Above are just a few examples of how Jitrace Blockchain can be used.
Some more applications include:
A communication and record platform in schools between students, parents, and teachers.
A loyal customer reward and management system, where companies can use Jitrace system to allocate accounts for each loyal customers
A system for special or valuable products with limited production quantity

For personal use

Jitrace system can also used by individuals in their daily life.
Following are just a few examples on how it can be used:

1. As a management/track system to record important items in your home
Assign a QR code and take a photo of each important items in your household, then you can set up a cloud based online record for the whereabouts and who-is-using databased for your important items.
Also, when you purchase some valueable or memoriable items, you can use Jitrace to record its purchase date, initial condition, purchased location, its stories, etc. Jitrace serves as a un-changeable online record for your collections. You can use it to share the information of the items to other people and also provides a track record of the date and location of the item.

2. As your personal travel record
Generate a QR code for yourself.
Update the record in Jitrace each time with your photos when you travel to new places. You can add in photos or videos taken using the Jitrace system. Time stamp and GPS location will be added together with each record.
So with that tracking, you can have a list of your previous travel information, including every locatoin you've been to, and photos/videos associated with that particular visit, achieved in the Jitrace system.
You can then easily share your track record by sharing the QR code with others.
The record will be stored and protected by your blockchain technology.

Jitrace blockchain has a wide range of applications.
We will update more with examples soon.